Mail forwarding

Basic Information

You can forward e-mails received at to other addresses.

Configuration file storage server

Location of the transfer configuration file storage


Location of Procmail configuration file storage



This mail forwarding setting is also valid for mail addresses </mail/uec/index>.


Procmail is not supported by the Information Technology Center. Please use it at your own risk.

Setup Method

  1. Login to the education server sol according to the instructions here.

  2. Edit the forwarding configuration file (.forward) with file editing software.Enter vi $MAIL_HOME/.forward and open the file as follows.



This procedure explains how to edit the file using the vi editor, but the settings can be configured using any file editing software.

  1. Enter one email address per line for the forwarding destination. Make sure to insert a new line at the end and save the file.

The following is an example of a case where the UEC account name is x0000000.**Replace x0000000 with your own UEC account name**.

  • The first line ¥x0000000 (or \ back-slash depending on your environment) is a setting to store mail in your UEC mail ** and ** in addition to forwarding it.

  • The second and third lines set up two forwarding addresses, and



In the case of the vi editor, you can start editing a file by typing i from the keyboard.When you are done typing, you can save the file by pressing the ESC (escape) key, followed by :wq, and then pressing the enter key.


Please do not enter your email address in this file. -> -> … and so on, causing a mail loop.

  1. Set the access permissions for the configuration file. Type the following and press the enter key at the end.

chmod 644 $MAIL_HOME/.forward
  1. Send the email to your own email address and make sure that the forwarding settings are correct.

Initialization method

  1. Login to the education server sol according to the instructions here.

  2. Delete the forwarding configuration file (.forward). Enter the command as follows to delete the file.

rm $MAIL_HOME/.forward
  1. Send the email to your own email address, and make sure it is not set to forward.