Grand Judgment Printing

Basic Information

A large-format printing press is available to print poster editions for use in publicity for conferences and events. To use this service, you need to pre-register for ITC Paid Services .


The following problems have been confirmed. Please be careful.

  • When printing irregular size, the size will be reduced by about 10%.

  • A0 If paper runs out during printing, A0 size will be printed on B0 paper.

Printing Environment

large format printer




thick rolled paper
High-color flameproof cloth

Supported Sizes

Thick rolled paper: A0, A1, A2, B0, B1, B2
High color anti-inflammatory: A0, B0

PC terminal

The specifications of the terminal for printing are as follows. It is almost the same as other PC terminals managed by the Information Technology Center. Login by UEC account is required.

Please make sure that the data will be displayed correctly on the following operating systems and PDF viewers.


Windows 10

PDF viewer

Adobe Acrobat DC (Adobe Creative Cloud 2018)


UEC Account

Print data format and preparation

  • Please prepare the printed data in PDF format. The data cannot be edited during printing.

  • Please bring the printed data by USB memory. You can use UEC Disk , Samba from the terminal for printing.


  • The file name should be less than 25 single-byte characters. If the file name is longer than 25 characters, it cannot be printed properly.

Use of time

The hours of operation are as follows. During long vacations, the service hours will be shortened. Special operation will be held during the Chofu Festival.

これ以外にも臨時で閉室や時間変更を行う場合があります. 情報基盤センターHP でお知らせしますので,あらかじめご確認ください.

Reception hours

Last output time

Max. printing quantity

Usual use day (weekdays)

09:00 - 20:00


5 sheets

Chofu Festival Special Operation Period


3 sheets (or 45 minutes, whichever is shorter)

For shortened operation

10:00 - 16:00


5 sheets


  • 受付は運用時間の1時間前,最終出力時刻は運用時間の30分前までとさせていただきます.

  • Paper and toner replacements, as well as equipment trouble, will be available until 17:00.

  • No new printing can be started after the last output time.

  • Operation may be terminated without notice in case of failure.

  • Please bring the printed materials to the office without storing them in a case, so that we can check the number of copies printed.


  • 調布祭期間とその 1 週間前は利用が集中するため,一度の受付で, 3枚出力または45分間の利用のどちらかでお願いいたします.


Starting in 2018, large-format printing services are now available on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • Fees are the same for monochrome and color.

  • Charges are based on the price of an A0 size print, and are proportional to the area. The amount charged will vary depending on the data being printed.

  • Charges are calculated daily at midnight, so even if you exceed your budget limit, you can still print during the day. Please be careful not to exceed your budget.

  • Highly colored flameproof cloth are only available in A0 and B0 sizes.

  • Due to low stock of Highly colored flameproof cloth, we may not be able to print all the desired number of copies. Please plan your printing well”in advance.

  • The usage fee for the following year may be revised based on the annual operation results.

A Version Usage Fee





Thick paper roll

500 yen

250 yen

125 yen

Highly colored flameproof cloth

3,000 yen

B Version Usage Fee





Thick paper roll

750 yen

375 yen

188 yen

Highly colored flameproof cloth

4,500 yen

How to use

  1. (only if not registered) ITC Paid Service Group User Registration

  • Please allow several business days from the submission of your application to registration.

  • Large print is not available for group registration only.

  • Please apply for user registration with the UEC account of those who use large printing.

  • You will not be able to use large print immediately after you apply.

  • When you receive an email on Dentsu University’s Gmail stating that your application for user registration has been processed, you will be able to use large-size printing.

  1. Prepare and check print data

  • Printing environment, please prepare your print data according to the printing environment.

  • Please make sure that you can print in A4 format beforehand.

  1. Applications are accepted at the Information Technology Center Office (East Bldg. 3, 4F).

  • Please bring your university-issued ID and check in at the Information Technology Center Office (East Bldg. 3, 4F).

  • If another user is printing, we will only accept your application and call you when it’s your turn.

  • In principle, please come to the office within 15 minutes after being contacted. If you can’t come to the reception desk, or if we can’t reach you, we’ll call the next person.

  • If there are too many users and you are not expected to be available by the last registration time, you will not be accepted.

  • If we do not expect to be able to start printing by the final output time after receipt of the application, we will contact you and cancel the application.

  1. Printing

  • You will be taken to a terminal for printing.

  • Please see the print manual provided.

  • If a printing error occurs for any of the following reasons, please take the printout to the Business Office and report it.

    • Printing error due to insufficient paper

    • Printing error due to paper jam

  • Printing errors caused by reasons other than those listed above will be recorded as charges. Please be careful.

  1. Check usage status in the office

  • We will check the printing status. Please bring your printouts to the office without putting them away.


印刷時に Adobe Acrobat DC をご使用になる場合は,UECクラウドアカウントが必要となりますので事前に二要素認証を利用できるスマホをご準備ください.


When printing

  • Only PDF files with file names of 25 characters or less can be printed.

  • Please embed fonts in the PDF file to prevent print corruption.

  • Do not use an automatic cutter when printing on Highly colored flameproof cloth. It may fail.

  • If you run out of toner during printing, please contact the office without canceling the print job.

  • Data cannot be edited at the print terminal.


  • Reservations are not possible. Reservations are not accepted.

  • Please take home any output, including failed ones.

  • No phone calls will be accepted. Please come to the Business Office of the Information Technology Center (East Bldg. 3, 4th floor).

  • Do not operate the printer itself, as this may cause it to malfunction.

  • If we do not expect to be able to start printing by the final output time, we will contact you and cancel your order.

  • Follow the instructions in the manual to print it out.

  • It takes about 15 minutes to print an A0-size image. Please allow plenty of time for this service.

  • Hours and methods of operation are subject to change during busy periods and long holidays.