Microsoft 365

Basic Information

UEC has a university-wide contract for Microsoft 365 A5 and A1.All Microsoft365 services (with some limitations) and Office client applications for PCs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.) can be used with A5.In A1, you can use some services of Microsoft 365.

target user

  • Full-time and part-time faculty and staff

  • Student

UEC Microsoft Account

To use Microsoft 365, you must have a UEC Microsoft Account.**UEC Microsoft account** will be automatically issued to all members of the University when the UEC Cloud account is issued.

When you log in, you need to enter your UEC Microsoft account and then authenticate with the same ID and password as your UEC Cloud account.

UEC Microsoft account ID format.


ID and password used for authentication

UEC (UEC Cloud Account)


Please note that the @ is different for ms and gl.

For more information, please refer to How to use (login) .

Precautions for use

  • When using cloud storage, please be careful about the scope of disclosure of files, etc.

  • Please refrain from excessive use of storage space.

Examples of available services

  • Online version of Office

  • OneDrive

  • SharePoint

  • Teams

  • OneNote

  • Office client application for PC (A5 users only)

For more information, log in to Microsoft 365 by following the instructions in How to use (login) and visit .

How to use (login)

  1. Go to ,

    enter your Microsoft account for the UEC ( UEC account, and click 次へ .Wait until 組織のサインイン ページに移動します。 disappears and the screen changes automatically.



  • If your UEC accout name is x2000000 \(\Rightarrow\)

  • If you see an account selection screen instead of a login screen, click on 別のアカウントを使用する .


If you encounter any errors, please refer to I can’t sign in to Microsoft. in the プロフィール画像の変更 .

  1. When the Google login screen appears, enter UEC Cloud Account (UEC account,

    and then click 次へ .



  • If your UEC accout name is x2000000 \(\Rightarrow\)

  • The character after the “@” is different for ms and gl.

  1. For this サインインの状態を維持しますか? ,

    please select “Yes” or “No” depending on your environment. サインインの状態を維持しますか? means that Do you want to stay signed in to this site?



If you are using a shared PC, いいえ is recommended.

  1. (Only when you log in for the first time) Please check the on-screen instructions on how to use the system.



Application for change of display name

The display name of your UEC Microsoft account is your UEC account name by default. If you wish to make this change, please submit the following form.


  • The settings will not be reflected immediately because the administrator needs to do some work.


電通大Microsoftアカウントのプロフィール画像の変更は,パソコンから行えません. スマホのアプリ版より変更が可能となっております. 変更されたい場合は,スマホでTeamsをダウンロードし,ご希望の画像にご変更ください.