Zoom (Video conferencing service)


All UEC Cloud Account users can use UEC contracted video conferencing service ‘Zoom’.

Zoom Vanity Domain for UEC


The landing site for UEC contracted Zoom


Target user

  • All full-time and part-time faculty and staff in UEC

  • Students in UEC


  • Always use the latest Zoom client apps

  • DO NOT click any unrecognized link for/in conferences or lectures.

  • DO NOT share the meeting ID, Password, and URL on any places, including SNS.

  • DO NOT show private information on Shared Screen during the conference.

  • For large scale videoconferences with up to 1,000 participants, please contact the Graduate School Educational Records and Programs Section, Educational Records and Programs Division.


All UEC Cloud Account users can use UEC contracted video conferencing service ‘Zoom’.

  1. Activate UEC Cloud Account


Skip this if you already activated your UEC Cloud Account.

Activate your UEC Cloud Account in accordance with Issue and Activation of UEC Cloud Account.

  1. Log in to the service

Click Sign in on https://uec-tokyo.zoom.us/. And then log in with your UEC Cloud Account.

  1. Set your name


the host of meeting/lecture might not recognize attendance of you in the meeting or lecture if you do not set your name correctly.

Click プロフィール \(\Rightarrow\) 編集.Fill and , and then click 変更を保存.




Install Zoom client app

Download Zoom client from https://uec-tokyo.zoom.us/download and install it.

Sign in to Zoom client

  1. Launch Zoom client

Launch Zoom client installed at Install Zoom client app.

  1. Sign in

Click Sign in \(\Rightarrow\) Sign in with SSO \(\Rightarrow\) I know the company domain.




Enter uec-tokyo for the company domain then click Continue.Login with your UEC Cloud Account on the Google’s login page that automatically opened on your web browser.


Limit the participants of Zoom meetings to those related to the university.

You can limit the participants of the Zoom conference to only those who are affiliated with the university (users who have logged in to Zoom with their UEC Cloud Account).

When creating a meeting, please do the following

  1. Check 認証されているユーザのみが参加できます.

  2. Select UECクラウド アカウント (gl.cc.uec.ac.jp) でログイン済み.



How to use Zoom webinar

A Zoom webinar is available for up to 1000 participants with advance reservation. If you have a prior commitment for another event, you will not be able to make a reservation.

For seminars of less than 300 people, please use the regular Zoom Meeting. Please consider using Zoom Large Meetings for up to 1,000 participants.

Please refer to the following link for the difference between a Zoom webinar and a Zoom large scale meeting.For approximate purposes, a “meeting” is used for two-way communication among all participants, while a “webinar” is used for one-way delivery from the host/panelist to the participants.

How to Apply and Use

To use the Zoom webinar, please contact the Information Technology Center (support@cc.uec.ac.jp) in the following format.


After the registration is completed, a registration completion notification will be sent to your campus email (@edu.cc.uec.ac.jp or @uec.ac.jp). To use the webinar or webinar practice session, click on the ウェビナーを開始 link in the notification email.

Please also confirm the following before applying.

Practice session

If you choose “使う” for “練習セッション” at the time of registration, you can use the Practice Session. A practice session is a pre-conference practice session with only the host and panelists.For more information, please visit https://support.zoom.us/hc/ja/articles/206316975.

Pre-registration URL

If you choose “する” for “事前登録の要求” at the time of application, you will receive the URL for pre-registration by e-mail after the registration is completed. Please notify this URL to the participants.

alternate host

Alternate hosts can be added later. However, please note that only the following people can be set as alternate hosts.

  • On-campus users.

  • If you have already set up your UEC cloud account.

  • If you have already logged in to Zoom.

After registration, Zoom will send a notification email to the alternate host with the webinar ID, passcode, start link, and other information.It will be sent to the university’s e-mail address (@edu.cc.uec.ac.jp or @uec.ac.jp).

Use of questionnaires

If you would like to use a survey in the webinar, please create it in advance using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. Please send the URL of your questionnaire to the Information Technology Center. The Center for Information Technology will register the URL to the webinar.