UEC Google Workspace


All members of UEC can use UEC contracted G Suite for Education (UEC G Suite). UEC Cloud Account is quired to use UEC G Suite.

Target users

  • All full-time and part-time faculty and staff in UEC

  • Students in UEC


  • DO NOT use the same password of the UEC Cloud Account for other services.

  • To prevent unexpected information leak, keep stored privacy information necessary minimum. Delete unused information as soon as possible.

Available Google Workspace Services

  • Core services for G Suite for Education

  • Additional Services

    • Google Map

    • Google Earth

    • GCP

    • Google Colaboratory

    • YouTube (teachers and staff only)


Some services will be available sequentially after 2022/3/10.


Please note that The Terms of Use for Additional Services is different from that of G Suite for Education.

How to login

  1. Activate UEC Cloud Account


Skip this if you already activated your UEC Cloud Account.

Activate your UEC Cloud Account in accordance with Issue and Activation of UEC Cloud Account.

  1. Login

Log in with your UEC Cloud Account from https://workspace.google.com/dashboard.

  1. Access to the services

After logging in, a list of available applications will be displayed as shown below.


Each Service