campus subdomain

basic information

The University uses as the top-level domain of the University. The Center for Information Infrastructure is in charge of the permission review and management of the subdomains (, directly under and

basic management policy

  • The subdomains of will be assigned to large organizations of our university (regions, majors, classes, secretariat, centers, research stations, etc.

  • The subdomains of are assigned to small and medium-sized research organizations (laboratories, research projects, etc.) of our university as subdomains that do not belong to each research organization.

  • All other organizational domains should be registered as lower subdomains of the existing subdomains. Please check with the administrator of each subdomain for registration procedures.

  • Subdomains directly below and should be assigned one** to **1 organization in principle.

  • In principle, the subdomain name must be more than 3 characters to make it easier to understand what kind of organization it is, not only on campus but also off campus.

  • Please note that subdomains may be discontinued without notice

    • If the manager of a subdomain is absent due to retirement, etc., and a successor manager cannot be established.

    • If management is not practically in place (e.g., not being able to contact the manager of the subdomain, the manager of the subdomain is not qualified to manage DNS, etc.).

    • If the Information Infrastructure Center determines that there is a high risk of information security (for example, being used for cyberattacks).

Application for Permission to Use Subdomains


  • After permission to use a subdomain, you need to build a DNS server or register DNS records for that subdomain.

  • In addition to the above, we need to prepare servers, etc. to use services such as web and mail in subdomains.

  • Information Infrastructure Center’s virtual domain server is recommended.

The flow of subdomain usage is as follows.

  1. subdomain permission application

Please submit the サブドメイン申請書 in the List of Information Technology Center Application Forms to the Administrative Office of the Information Technology Center (4th floor, East Bldg. 3). The subdomain application will be reviewed within 8 business days and the results will be sent to the email addresses of the Applicant and Domain Manager in the UEC account.

  1. Subdomain registration (starting DNS server)

Once authorized, build a DNS server within 1 month and register subdomain information with the DNS server. If you cannot verify valid subdomain information with the DNS server within the period, you may revoke the permission as a domain administrator is absent.

build a new DNS server

Build a DNS server and send subdomain: DNS server registration request to with subdomain: DNS server registration request and DNS server global IP address.

Installing DNS Servers Using DNS Server Operations Services for Virtual Domain Servers

Please refer to virtual domain server and follow the procedure.

A DNS server of an information infrastructure center is requested to register domain information.

Please send DNS records to with the subject line “DNS Record Registration Request “ for registration in the subdomain. We expect only a few DNS records to be registered by this method. If you wish to manage a large number of DNS records, please consider either of the above two methods.

Modifying Subdomain Registration Information

If you want to change the subdomain registration information (e.g., Domain Manager), please send the change to Subdomain Manager to with subdomain registration information change.


Changing the subdomain itself is not a change in the registration information, but Abolition of Subdomains, and then Application for Permission to Use Subdomains.

Abolition of Subdomains

If you no longer need subdomains due to organizational decommissioning or consolidation, Domain Manager will contact you at with subdomain decommissioning. If you have a mail server, email will not arrive. If necessary, discuss decommissioning procedures with the information center.