campus subdomain

basic information

本学は, を大学の最上位ドメインとして利用しています. 情報基盤センターでは, 直下および 直下のサブドメイン (〜, 〜 の利用許可審査および管理を行っています.

basic management policy

  • The subdomains of will be assigned to large organizations of our university (regions, majors, classes, secretariat, centers, research stations, etc.

  • The subdomains of are assigned to small and medium-sized research organizations (laboratories, research projects, etc.) of our university as subdomains that do not belong to each research organization.

  • All other organizational domains should be registered as lower subdomains of the existing subdomains. Please check with the administrator of each subdomain for registration procedures.

  • Subdomains directly below and should be assigned one** to **1 organization in principle.

  • In principle, the subdomain name must be more than 3 characters to make it easier to understand what kind of organization it is, not only on campus but also off campus.

  • Please note that subdomains may be discontinued without notice

    • If the manager of a subdomain is absent due to retirement, etc., and a successor manager cannot be established.

    • If management is not practically in place (e.g., not being able to contact the manager of the subdomain, the manager of the subdomain is not qualified to manage DNS, etc.).

    • If the Information Infrastructure Center determines that there is a high risk of information security (for example, being used for cyberattacks).

Application for Permission to Use Subdomains


  • After permission to use a subdomain, you need to build a DNS server or register DNS records for that subdomain.

  • In addition to the above, we need to prepare servers, etc. to use services such as web and mail in subdomains.

  • Information Infrastructure Center’s `virtual domain server</srv/infra/vds.html>`_ is recommended.

The flow of subdomain usage is as follows.

  1. subdomain permission application

情報基盤センター申請書一覧サブドメイン申請書 を,情報基盤センター業務事務室 (東 3 号館 4 階) に提出してください. 8 営業日以内にサブドメイン利用の可否を審査し,結果を 申請者ドメイン管理責任者 の UEC アカウントのメールアドレスに連絡します.

  1. Subdomain registration (starting DNS server)

Once authorized, build a DNS server within 1 month and register subdomain information with the DNS server. If you cannot verify valid subdomain information with the DNS server within the period, you may revoke the permission as a domain administrator is absent.

build a new DNS server

Build a DNS server and send subdomain: DNS server registration request to `<>`_ with subdomain: DNS server registration request and ** DNS server global IP address**.

Installing DNS Servers Using DNS Server Operations Services for Virtual Domain Servers

Please refer to the virtual domain server</srv/infra/vds.html>`_ and follow the procedure.

A DNS server of an information infrastructure center is requested to register domain information.

Send a DNS record to be registered in the subdomain to `<>`_ with subject as `DNS Record Registration Request. This method of registration assumes several DNS records. If you want to manage a large number of DNS records, consider one of the two methods above.

Modifying Subdomain Registration Information

サブドメインの登録情報 ( ドメイン管理責任者 など) を変更する場合は, サブドメインの ドメイン管理責任者 から, 宛に 件名を「サブドメイン登録情報変更」 として,変更内容をお送りください.


Changing the subdomain itself is not a change in the registration information, but:ref:domain_remove, and then:ref:domain_register.

Abolition of Subdomains

組織の廃止や統合でサブドメインが不要になった場合, ドメイン管理責任者 から, 宛に 件名を「サブドメイン廃止」 として,廃止予定日をご連絡ください. メールサーバなどを運用している場合,サブドメインの廃止と共にメールが不着になります. 十分な余裕を持って廃止予定日を設定してください. 必要に応じて,情報基盤センターと廃止手順等についての事前協議を行ってください.