[Classroom] I am in charge of a class, but I cannot create a class because I was not registered as a “teacher”. What should I do to register as a “Teacher”?

When you select “Teacher” or “Student” when logging in for the first time, it has been confirmed that the selected information is not reflected correctly. In this case, please contact the Information Technology Center by e-mail with the following information.

Please contact us via @edu.cc.uec.ac.jp if possible. Please note that it may take some time for us to verify your identity if you send us a personal email. Please understand that it may take some time for us to confirm your identity.

Email address


Email address
Google Classroomの教師グループへの追加 [UECアカウント]


Please replace [UEC account] with your own UEC account.


[Meet] Unable to connect to the meeting from the campus network or the connection is unstable.

Please set up a proxy in your PC version of Google Chrome browser, and check if you can connect to Google Meet from your browser.

In the case of UEC Wireless and other networks that access off-campus via a proxy server, it has been confirmed that it is difficult to connect to Google Meet even if the proxy is set correctly.

We have confirmed that the PC version of Google Chrome can connect to Google Meet even through a proxy. We have confirmed that some PCs and environments cannot connect to Google Meet even with the PC version of Google Chrome.

[Gmail] I cannot set up mail forwarding from University of Dentsu Gmail (@gl.cc.uec.ac.jp). How can I set up mail forwarding?

Currently, the system is set up so that email forwarding from Dentsu University Gmail is not possible.

[Gmail] When I read my Dentsu University Gmail email in my email application, I see that text like “https://www.google…” has been added to the link in the body of the email. Is it safe to access it?

As an anti-fraud function, URLs in the body of an email loaded by IMAP/POP are automatically appended with characters such as https://www.google.com/url?q=... .

If the original URL is reliable, please access it as is.

If the link is to a fraudulent site, an access warning may be displayed. In this case, please stop accessing the link.


チャット画面にて,各チャットの履歴をユーザ自身の設定によりオンとオフにすることができます. こちらの設定を[オン]にしていた場合,意図的にチャットを削除しない限り,無期限でチャット履歴は保持されます. 一方,[オフ]に設定していた場合は,送信後24時間後に自動的に削除されます.

チャットの履歴保存に関する設定方法 https://support.google.com/chat/answer/7664687?hl=ja&co=GENIE.Platform%3DDesktop





  1. Googleアカウントの管理画面を開く.

  2. データとプライバシー→データをダウンロードを選択

  3. Google Chatを✓(場合により,全ての選択を解除を行ってから)

  4. ”次のステップ”をクリック

  5. エクスポートを作成(用途により,各パラメータを修正)


  1. デフォルトではメールでリンク先が送信されるので,そこからダウンロードを行う

  2. ダウンロードしたzipファイルを解凍

トピックス毎にjson形式でまとめられていました. トピックス名が自動的に命名されるため,確認を行うのは少々困難かもしれません.