Notes and regulations

Notes on use of the campus information system

It is prohibited to use the campus network for non-academic purposes.

In case inappropriate use is discovered, measures shall be taken such as blocking or collection of user information to prevent recurrence, in line with the campus regulations. Cases of malicious use may lead to disciplinary action.

The use of P2P with the aim of sharing files, such as BitTorrent,eDonkey,Share,Winny,and other P2P file sharing software is strictly prohibited. In case such communication is detected, your connection to the network may be blocked for 24 hours. Additionally, information such as the user name, (student number), and contact details etc. may be collected to prevent recurrence, in line with the campus regulations. Disciplinary action may be considered in case of malicious use.

Some browsers and network devices have P2P functionality enabled. Note that this may cause P2P communications to occur without the user being aware of such communications. Skype uses P2P technology, but as it is basically a communication software, it can be used without issue. Note that even in case of legitimate use, login failures when connected to an FTP Server for a short period of time may be seen as attacks, and you risk having access to the network blocked for a period of 24 hours.


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