What is a Microsoft account for UEC ?

This is an account for using Microsoft 365, which the University of Electro-Communications subscribes to. It is linked to the UEC cloud account.

What services are available?

Please refer to Examples of available services .

The display name is set to UEC account. Can I change it?

This can be changed. The administrator needs to change the settings

What is the difference between A5 and A1?

A5 and A1 are both Microsoft 365 licenses, but the services available are different. The main difference is the right to use Office client applications for PC. The account assigned A5 can install Office applications on the PC, but A1 cannot. A1 is only available in the online version of Office.

Which license does my account have, A5 or A1?

After logging in to Microsoft365 using this How to use (login) , you can check the license associated with your account by accessing this https://portal.office.com/account/?ref=MeControl#subscriptions .

I don’t know how to install Office on my PC.

This service is available only for those who have been assigned A5.

For instructions on how to do this, sign in from this Office 365 ログイン and click “Install Office” to install.

For details on how to sign in, please refer to How to Use (Login) .

Also, for more information, see 「Download and install or reinstall Microsoft 365 or Office 2019 on your PC or Mac.」 for more information.

I can’t sign in to Microsoft

Please check the following.

University of Electro-Communications There is a mistake in entering your Microsoft account ID:

Make sure that you have entered the ID (@ms.cc.uec.ac.jp) of your Dentsu University Microsoft account on the Microsoft ID entry screen.After that, enter your UEC cloud account (@gl.cc.uec.ac.jp) in the Google ID entry screen.

You are already logged in with your personal Microsoft account:

If you have logged in with a different Microsoft account in your browser, you may not be able to switch to your Dentsu Microsoft account correctly.

Please try one of the following methods.

  • Sign out of all Micorosft accounts that you are logged into with your browser and log in with your Dentsu Microsoft account.

  • Try to log in using your browser’s Secret Window or InPrivate Window.

When I try to log in to Microsoft Teams with my UEC Microsoft account, I get a message that says, Your Microsoft account does not exist. Please enter a different account or create a new account. and the login fails.

To make sure that your UEC Microsoft account is valid, please make sure that you can log in Web version Microsoft Teams first.

If you can login to the web version:

The account itself is still valid. Please uninstall the Microsoft Teams application installed on your PC or mobile device, reinstall it, and then try logging in again.

If you cannot login to the web version:

Please provide your UEC account to support@cc.uec.ac.jp so that we can verify that your account and license are valid.


UECクラウドアカウントと電通大Micorosftアカウントの認証につきましては, 大学固有の認証設定ではなく,Microsoft 365の認証の仕様により動作しているものになっております.


  1. ブラウザをご利用いただいている場合,ブラウザのプロファイルを分け,個人の Micorosftアカウント と 電通大Micorosftアカウント を別のプロファイルにて使用する.

  2. ログイン時に表示される,ログイン情報を保持するかどうかの選択肢に対し,保持するを選択する.