Windows 10


Press the power on the PC and select:guilabel:Windows-xxxx``(`xxxx is the date) from the OS selection screen.


From the login screen after startup, please log in with UEC account ID and password.

Application Utilization


デスクトップ左隅の「Windows」アイコンをクリックし,スタートメニューを開きます. スタートメニューをから,アプリケーションアイコンをクリックするとアプリケーションが起動します.

Using Adobe CC

In order to use Adobe CC on Windows on your educational PC, you need to log in to the application after logging in to Windows.

詳しくは How to log in to apps/services を参照してください.

input Japanese

In the upper left corner of the keyboard, you can switch between Japanese input using the:kbd:full-width/half-width button.