Ubuntu Linux


Press the power on the PC and select:guilabel:Linux-xxxx``(`xxxx is the date) from the OS selection screen.


From the login screen after startup, please log in with UEC account ID and password.

Launching an Application


一部のアプリケーションは, moduels コマンドによるアプリケーションの 事前読み込みが必要です. How to use the application を参考にご確認ください.

Boot to GUI

Click the “Application” button in the left corner of the desktop to display the application icon.

Click the application icon to launch the application.

Start with CLI (コマンド)

Launch the Terminal app on the left side of the desktop.

At the command prompt provided, enter the command to start the application (for example, the emacs command to start Emacs).

Japanese input

We use Mozc for Japanese input.

Emacs can switch between Japanese input after startup: kbd:`CTRL`+ backslash.

Other GUI applications can switch between Japanese input using:kbd:Windows key`+:kbd:`SPACE key


If you do not want to switch to Japanese input mode, please refer to:doc:/pc_room/faq in FAQ to confirm the settings.