UEC Disk2

Basic Information

UEC Disk2 is an online storage service by Next Cloud, which is operated on the campus server. It is for faculty and staff only . You can use up to 15GB per account. It has the following features.


WebDAV is not available on UEC Disk2.

Using the client application

  1. Download and install the client application

Go to https://nextcloud.com/install/#install-clients 学外 and download and install the client application nextcloud desktop client that is compatible with your OS.

  1. Login to UEC Disk 2 from the client app

  1. Launch the installed client application Nextcloud desktop client .

  2. 以下の画面の あなたの「Nextcloud」にログイン をクリックしてください.

  3. Enter https://uecdisk2.cc.uec.ac.jp for the server address and click Next .

  4. Click on Login in the following screen.

  5. 統合認証ログイン画面にてログイン操作を行ってください.

    Enter your UEC account ID in username and your UEC account password in password and click login .



この時,「アクセスが禁止されています あなたのログイントークンは無効か期限が切れています。」と表示され, アクセスできない場合,FAQ「 ブラウザからはアクセスできるのですが,クライアントアプリからアクセスしようとすると,「アクセスが禁止されています あなたのログイントークンは無効か期限が切れています。」と表示され,アクセスできません.どうすれば良いですか? 」の手順を行ってください.

  1. 同期するフォルダを指定します.ここで指定されたフォルダの内容が自動的に同期されます.

特定のフォルダを指定しない場合は,変更せずに 接続 ボタンをクリックしてください.

  1. operation check

When you copy a file to the synchronization folder, the file will be automatically uploaded to the server. If you set up other PCs in the same way, the files will be automatically synchronized between all the PCs and the server.


Share files and folders with other UEC account users.

You can share the synchronized files and folders with other UEC account users.


You cannot share a file/folder with a user who has never logged in to UEC Disk 2 before. Please ask the user you are sharing with to log in to UEC Disk 2 once.

  1. Login to UEC Disk2 .

  2. Click the share icon on the right side of the file or folder you want to publish.

  1. In the field labeled Name, email, or federated cloud ID … , enter the UEC account of the person you want to share with .

  1. When a file is shared, sharing is displayed on the right side of the file. Clicking on the sharing will open the sharing window, and opening the details will show the account being shared.


Clicking the button on the right side of the screen allows you to configure the following settings for the shared file/folder. Allow Editing”, “Allow Re-sharing”, “Set Expiration Date”, “Note to Recipients”, “Remove Sharing” The image shows an example of “Remove Sharing”.


The user who shared the file/folder will see the shared file/folder and the user who shared it in the all files of UEC Disk2. You can view the files and folders from all files or shared in the upper left menu.