Thunderbird (Automatic configuration)


This is the Simples way

  1. Download and Install Thunderbird app


If you already have installed Thunderbird app on your PC, please skip this step

Open with a web browser and click Download to get the Thunderbird app installer.




This is an example for Microsoft Edge. If you use another browser, double-click the downloaded installer file.



Fllow the instrcution prompted by the installer. In many cases, you need to click 次へ/Next, インストール/Install, or 完了/Finish buttons.

  1. Launch Thunderbird app

Launch Thunderbird app. Then 既存のメールアドレスのセットアップ/Set-up existing email address window shows up.



If the window does not appere, Click メール/Email button.

  1. Enter Your Name, UEC Email addresss, and password

Enter following information to each field.

Your name

Your name

Email address

[UEC account ID]


If your UEC Account ID is x2000000 \(\Rightarrow\)


Password for your UEC account


Click 続ける/Continue.



The required settings will be filled automatically. Check the information and then click 完了/Finish.


次のようなセキュリティ警告画面が出ることがあります. この設定については,一時的にセキュリティ例外を承認して, 設定を進めてください.

  1. Confirmation

If the configuration is successful, you can check the received mails by clicking the 受信トレイ/Inbox of the email address of your UEC account.