What are the available shells?

Default is bash (after 2022). Other tcsh are available. Other shells are not supported.

Use the following methods to modify the login shell. Unix’s normal shell change commands are not available .

  • Go to Login Shell Change 学内

  • Enter your UEC account and password and select the desired shell from the pull-down menu

The software you want to use is not installed

If the software is required for classes, etc., the teacher in charge of the class will install it according to your request. Please consult with the teacher in charge of the class.

In principle, software used for personal learning should be installed in your home directory.

Japanese characters are not displayed in xdvi. Or, garbled characters are displayed.

Use the pxdvi command. The xdvi command does not support Japanese display.

Also, in the old system, the default character code of the platex command was EUC, but it has been changed from the current system to UTF-8. In case of garbled characters, change the character code of the source file with the following command

$ nkf -w file_euc.tex > file_utf.tex

Execute the platex command in EUC mode as follows.

$ platex --kanji=euc file_euc.tex